Follow the Parent Choice Transfer Procedures Below:

  • Search this website for any programs of interest for you and your child.
  • Contact the specific school to check if there is space available in the program that you are interested in for your child.
  • Visit the school site and the Choice Program to be certain you have selected the best placement for your child.
  • If there is program space available:
    • Complete the Parent Choice Transfer Form
    • Bring the completed form to the child’s current/home-school for school administrators to sign.
    • At the school site, the parent/guardian will be advised of the Region Office that will process and finalize the request.
    • Additional questions about Parent Choice Transfers can be answered by the current/home-school Region Office. See Region Office contact information below.

You may contact each Region through the following methods:

North Region
733 East 57th Street, Hialeah, FL 33013
Tel: 305-572-2800